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Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to school

So, I really do have good intentions of documenting my kids' milestones on this blog, but I just don't seem to find (make) the time for it.

Today we had Open House at all the schools. I have such mixed emotions every year at Open House. On one hand I am excited to see their new classrooms and classmates. Excited to see who we know in each class. Excited to meet the new teachers and see how much everyone grew over the summer.

But on the other hand, Open House reminds me that my kids are a whole year older. Starting a new chapter. Leaving behind the old last-year's hallway, in exchange for this year's newer, shinier, I'm-a-whole-year-older-now one. And it just makes me a little sad. Can't I just press pause for a while? Keep them just the way they are? It just seems like they are growing up way to fast, and in the blink of an eye they'll be graduated and gone. It makes me cry as I type the words. I know I can't stop time. I know I can't make them grow up any slower. But please God, help me to remember to enjoy each day with them and not get too burdened by the little things.

My sweet Jackson will be in 6th grade this year. How on earth do I already have a 6th grader? It seems like yesterday I was just bringing him home from the hospital. I remember us standing in the front yard under the "Welcome Home Jackson Lee" banner that our sweet neighbors, the Matthews, hung up over our sidewalk, yelling at my mother to take at least one decent picture on the count of three, and not on one or two. Never did get a decent one. That was a tradition that both houses next to us did every time a family member came home from a trip, college, etc. (hanging the sign, not yelling at their mother in the front yard.) I remember thinking it was so special that now WE had someone to welcome home! It felt like we had finally joined the club!

Our precious Landry will be in 4th grade this year. It will be her last year in the Intermediate building before she moves across campus to join her brother at the Middle School. She has three teachers this year...three! That seems like a lot considering she only had one last year. There were very few names on the roster that we recognized. I wish that there could have been at least one of her good friends in there with her. Oh, well. I'm sure our social butterfly will fare just fine.

And lastly, our baby Corley will be starting school too. I am filled with all sorts of mommy guilt about it. But I keep trying to tell myself that it'll be ok. That this will be a good thing for her. Being around other kids her own age will hopefully help her develop her language skills. Although she seems to be making great strides in that department as she is nearing her second birthday. I think she is going to love having other kids her own age to play with. And it's only two days a week. Surely we can survive that, right??? She just adored Open House, and didn't want to leave tonight. Let's just hope she has that same enthusiasm when mommy is walking out the door next week. Fingers crossed!

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