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Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School

It's official. I am the proud parent of a Sixth Grader and a Fourth Grader.

We got up with plenty of time to deal with "first day" traffic AND get to school on time, but of course we didn't. Well, at least one of them didn't. Jackson made it on time. But then we sat in more traffic going from the Middle School over to the Intermediate...about 10 minutes worth...and the poor girl was late on her very first day. Thankfully, so we're about a hundred more kids so they didn't count it against them. Smart school.

Jackson got his schedule today, and he got Pre-AP Math and Pre-AP Science. Smart boy.

I went through the McDonald's drive thru for nuggets and fries on my way to pick them up because Landry is always says she's starving the second she gets in the car. And wouldn't you know it? The first thing she asks for when she climbs in the van? Food. Smart mom.

While the big kids were in school today, Corley and I went out to the farm to visit with my Aunt Julie for a while. She is so amazing. Several weeks ago, she took a turn for the worse and we all pretty much thought it was the beginning of the end. After much heartache, many tears & a whole lot of questions to hospital staff, the difficult decision was made to put her into Hospice care. She spent about a week in the Hospice unit of the hospital and then went home. Once she got home, she continued to do better. And would you believe that last Friday the Hospice doctor came out to her house for a check-up and he kicked her out!?! I've never heard of someone flunking out of hospice before! But leave it to AJ to be the first.

After I left her house is when I stopped at McDonald's for the schools-out-I'm-starving food. Before I pulled out of the parking lot, I fixed a little tray of one nugget and a few fries for Corley. I just recently took out one of the middle row seats in my van and moved the girls all the way to the back row. So I had to get out of the car and open the sliding door to give her her food. Done. Not a problem. I got back in, and off we went. Well, I guess I didn't give her enough food, because 5 minutes down the road she was begging for more. Now, usually that wouldn't be a problem. Whenever she needs something, I just reach back and hand it to her. But now she's clear back in the south forty, and never in a million years could I reach that far! And since we hadn't made it to the school yet, I didn't have Jackson or Landry there to help pass it back. So I had no other choice...I had to throw food at my baby. Yep, that's right. I just grabbed a French fry and aimed at her chest. For a second she looked at me like, "did you seriously just throw a fry at me, Mom?".

And then she lost it.

That baby laughed like I've never seen her laugh. And so I lost it too. We have never laughed so hard together. And I figured since the light we were sitting at was red, I might as well capture this joyful occasion with a picture. Then, as the light turned green, I set my phone back down, hurled a few more back at her, and drove off for the school.

After we got home, the kids got to play with their friends outside for a while and enjoy the not105•weather we've been having. I finished the evening off with a JA meeting, then milk and cookies on the couch with my hubby. All in all, I'd say we had a great day.

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