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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chick fil A

Oh, my babies are growing up on me. I'm sitting here at Chick fil A, a place my children have begged me to take them to for years. They beg to come here not just for the yummy food, but more importantly, the playground. It's not a very big or overly exciting playground. Just a slide, and a car, and a couple of interactive wall panels. Nevertheless, that thing could hold my kids' attention for hours! I have spent many nights when Jason was teaching sitting at Chick fil A, letting the kids play so I wouldn't have to sit home alone in an empty (by empty, I mean Jasonless) house. I told them we would eat lunch here today and they were excited. But a little less so than years past. They no longer want to play in the playroom, realizing they are way bigger than all the other kids. So what are they busy doing, you ask? They are using the Chick fil A WiFi!!! Man, times they are a changing!So my sweet little babies no longer want to come here to slide and play, but to surf the web. My only saving grace...I look down at my Corley, asleep on the booth beside me, and think of all the years to come. Looks like my Chick fil A playground days aren't over after all. Just on hiatus.

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